About Me

What do you do for fun?

As of this writing, I have 30 repositories on Github. A lot of free time goes to maintaining those.

I also play Pokemon occasionally. I have:

I don't typically play competitively, but I'm planning my first competitive team online and will build it in ORAS.

Project X hasn't been updated for a while. Has it been abandoned?

Probably not. I keep many projects going simultaneously so that I always have something fun to work on. If it hasn't been updated in a while, that just means it's not fun right now, but it might be in the future.

Head over to my projects page and find the project of interest. The status shield will be right next to the name.

I can't find any "Releases" page anywhere. Where is it?

I don't do any kind of "release" system at the moment. I make sure that all tests pass, there are no (easy-to-find) bugs, and everything works before I make a commit, so generally the version that's on Github is useable. If you can't find a jar file anywhere in the repository, specifically in the target folder, that means that something doesn't work and you'll have to go back to an earlier commit.

I've considered a release system through this website, with a version history on each project's page. However, that many artifacts in one repository would hit size caps quickly, and the general stability of each commit makes it unnecessary.

Can I use your code? Does this project cost anything?

As a rule of thumb, everything I have is licensed under GNU GPL v3.0 (some exceptions may exist; make sure to check the LICENSE file in the repository's root directory). This means you can use the product for free, copy the code, and sell whatever you create, as long as you attribute my work to me and make your own source code available as well. (For attribution, my name (endreman0) and a link to this site will suffice.)

I don't like feature X in project Y. Please take it out.

You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to act (or not act) upon it as I will. I encourage you to open an issue (or better yet, a pull request) if you have a problem.

Ahn-dray-man-oh? Ehn-draw- An-dro-m-

Please, stop hurting my ears!

And now you know how to pronounce "endreman0". Consider yourself lucky, because you are one of few.