Github Pages and SeleniumTelluride

I've got the basics of my website complete. I'm using Github Pages and Selenium Telluride, my custom template generator. It's a bit of self-advertisement, but I just have to document how easy simple it was to get this set up. I am astounded I managed to come up with something that actually worked this well.

  1. Create a Github Pages repository and clone it to your computer
  2. Copy SeleniumTelluride.jar into the website directory
  3. In a terminal, run the jar
  4. Create your content
  5. Push to Github, and suddenly, you have Pages!

Once you have a main site up, Project Pages are equally simple.

  1. Create a folder inside raw/ with the name of the repository
  2. Run SeleniumTelluride.jar to create a corresponding folder in site/
  3. In that folder, create a new Git repository, from the project you are creating pages for on the gh-pages branch
  4. Push, and be amazed.

All of the templates that work on your main site will work in project sites, and root-relative links (links that begin with /) will point to the same place as they do before.*

*None of this is of my doing. This is all part of Github Pages and how the Pages server works. But I listed it here because it was something I was worried about when I created project pages, and it was no problem. It's here for people who have the same worries as me.