This is going to sound very strange to some, and it's going to make so much sense to others.

Today marks the first day that someone other than me has contributed to my repositories. The contribution in question is a pull request from Mazdallier, to add French localization to EnderMechanics.

Mazdallier, if you are reading this, know that you are awesome. I always felt (and still mostly do) that there's no way that I'll ever be noticed on the Internet; there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other Minecraft modders and programmers just like me. Mazdallier has proven to me that I have been noticed, and thus I can be noticed. If it can happen once, it can happen again.

So thank you, Mazdallier, for the French localization, and all of the immense air-punching joy that I had when I recieved the notification that I was noticed. I wish you well on all of your projects!

(As a side note: when I redo EM, I may reduce the number of lang entries by just doing one per tier and one per element. This way I don't have iron dust, gold dust, iron powder, and gold powder; I just have iron, gold, dust and powder. These will be combined dynamically to create the actual names. So, Mazdallier, your original content may be overwritten, but I'll use it to add the new localizations. And I'll always remember that you helped.)