On Recycle Rush and the Iron Patriots

Today marks the end of the Shorewood FRC competition, and with it the end of the Iron Patriots' fourth FRC season. I can't really say I'm content with that.

There are a lot of emotions in my head right now. Disappointment, that we won't be getting as far as we did last year. Anger, because this year's auxilliary driver seemed incredibly inept. Confusion, as my brain still tries to resolve the fact that it's done. A little satisfaction, from knowing that in the final match, my autonomous code finally worked. Self-blame, for the fact that having autonomous working earlier (it turned out to be a less-than vs greater-than error) could have put us 11 places higher, and almost definitely gotten us picked - or even picking. Right now, they're all fighting each other so I'm not really feeling much of anything. Just a numbness, a void, and the sudden appearance of significant amounts of free time.

If I had a time machine, I'd go rewrite the entire project from scratch. Unfortunately, that isn't quite possible, so I'm stuck with recording it all for future years. Here we go.