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Standard Projects

  • Calculator

    The most over-engineered calculator you've ever seen, guaranteed.

  • Chroma

    The IntroCS game, the Javascript port, the legend.

  • OneLine

    Increase efficiency by removing unnecessary characters, like whitespace.

  • Pixels

    Command-line per-pixel texture editor

  • Pokedex

    Read up on stats, manage your teams, dominate the tournaments*.

  • SeleniumTelluride

    Super Easy Template Engine, for making website building super easy.

  • SimpleCalc

    The simplest calculator possible, to prove it's possible and easy

  • Snake

    The classic game, but laggier.

  • Towers

    Test your mind on this universal logic puzzle, or watch as the computer does it for you.


  • Flags

    Flags is a library for reading user input in an order-independent manner.

  • java-json

    java-json is a library for parsing JSON. (In Java, no less.)

Minecraft Mods

  • BlueExorcist

    BlueExorcist is the idea for a Minecraft mod that brings the anime Blue Exorcist to Minecraft.

  • EnderMechanics

    EnderMechanics is a Minecraft mod. I can't tell you much else because that's all I know.

  • SoulEater

    SoulEater is a Minecraft mod that brings the anime Soul Eater to Minecraft.

Miscellaneous Projects

  • DictionaryChallenge

    Given an alphabetized dictionary of an unknown language, can you reassemble the alphabet?

  • HierarchyProject

    Can you create a company hierarchy, convert it to a sendable format (String), and reconstruct it on the other side?

  • Projects

    All the little AP CS projects

  • Reference

    All of the things you never knew you didn't need to know, in one place.

Abandoned Projects

  • Downlauncher

    Download, update, and all of my projects through one program.