The IntroCS game, the Javascript port, the legend.
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This project began its life in early June of 2015, as a side project at the end of my stay in Intro to Computer Science. The game existed much as you see it here, but written in BYOB, much laggier and untitled. Unfortunately, that original game was lost over the summer of 2015.

About 2 months into my year of AP Computer Science, in November 2015, I decided that it would be a brilliant idea to port the as-yet untitled game to Java, as well as updating it with some features available in its new language - file access would allow saving the game state, keeping highscore data, more computationally-intensive physics, and even installing mods to change the game at the user's whim. This brainstorming process was also when the working title of Chroma was coined.

I soon learned that the AP CS final was to be a pair project, and knew exactly who to turn to: my friend Jillian. She wanted to know more about the project, but I couldn't find the original BYOB file. So, over a few weeks, I rewrote the game from scratch to demonstrate the concept for a final confirmation. I decided to go with Javascript, because HTML provided the easiest method of setting up a logical level structure, and then decided to host the game on this site. Thus, this page and the above demo was born.


Feature Original Game Demo Full game
Platform BYOB Web (HTML) Desktop (Java)
Physics engine, with position, velocity, and acceleration Complete Complete Planned
Multiple levels Complete Complete Planned
Hardcoded level design Complete Complete Planned
Procedurally-generated design Not Done Not Planned Planned
Level designer Not Done Not Planned Planned
Black tiles (platforms) Complete Complete Planned
Gold tiles (level end) Complete Complete Planned
Red tiles (hazard) Complete Complete Planned
Blue tiles (slow down) Complete Complete Planned
Orange tiles (speed up) Complete Complete Planned
Purple tiles (gravity) Not Done Not Planned Planned
Save/Reload Game Not Done Not Planned Planned
Highscores Not Done Not Planned Planned
Moddable Not Done Not Planned Planned