Test your mind on this universal logic puzzle, or watch as the computer does it for you.

Have fun figuring out what the computer does just by looking, though - it happens instantly. Complete will be that you can watch the computer solve the puzzle, step by step, potentially with informational speech bubbles about what it's doing on the side.

This project started as I was playing with a physical representation of the classic game (known as Towers of Hanoi) that some toddler had left strewn about at my friend's house. I enjoyed working with the toy, not because placing tori on pegs by some arbitrary set of rules I happened to remember was fun - I'm not that immature - but because I knew there had to be an algorithm for solving the puzzle, and I wanted to know what it was. I had a rough idea after that day, but I went home and made a Java version to test that I designed the algorithm correctly. And thus, Towers was created.